The Mood of a Portrait or Headshot

The Mood of a Portrait or Headshot With respect to mood, I want to share a few examples from my last headshot session. Same subject, same day. But so much difference in mood. Notice how an array of different elements come together to establish a certain feel. The composition, the cropping, the hair, accessories, background, […]

green screen headshot with location background—in studio

Green screen headshot with location background—in studio Perhaps you’re after a headshot with a particular background but it’s just not practically possible. (a quick note: done poorly, this technique can go silly really quickly. The process requires a little forethought to pull off realistically. Just keep this in mind before hiring that guy from craigslist). So, […]

samples from a headshot session

Samples from a headshot session So, I thought I’d post some samples of my last headshot session as they make for a good example of a particular  “urban feel” people are often asking for. These were taken just outside of the studio using a combination of natural light and strobe. Using a shallow depth of […]



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