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green screen headshot with location background—in studio

Green screen headshot with location background—in studio Perhaps you’re after a headshot with a particular background but it’s just not practically possible. (a quick note: done poorly, this technique can go silly really quickly. The process requires a little forethought to pull off realistically. Just keep this in mind before hiring that guy from craigslist). So, […]

samples from a headshot session

Samples from a headshot session So, I thought I’d post some samples of my last headshot session as they make for a good example of a particular  “urban feel” people are often asking for. These were taken just outside of the studio using a combination of natural light and strobe. Using a shallow depth of […]

business and executive portraiture and headshots: who are you?

Business and executive portraiture and headshots: who are you? A word about business and executive portraiture and headshots: What turns your company into an individual is you. It’s been said that life is made of a series of relationships. Nowhere is this more true than in business. It’s through establishing oneself as a person, not […]

A nice posing video: Headshot Tips

So, you don’t need to know a single thing about posing before having your shots taken. First of all, it’s not that difficult. The key is to hold yourself naturally and have a good photographer on hand that will make small tweaks accordingly. All of that said, if your interested in the subject I’ve posted […]

Business Headshots: Tips

I’m just going to write this post out as a series of bullet points. Better to just get to the point and avoid the fluff. Some of the suggestions are pretty basic but you’d be surprised to hear how often they are overlooked. Below are some tips for getting the best out of your business […]

Headshot Quick Tip: Take Sides

A quick post. When you’re having your picture taken professionally you want to remember that people have “sides”. By this I mean one side of your face may be more flattering to the camera—you’re part may be one way or another, you may have a stronger stance with one shoulder towards the camera versus the other, […]

It’s in the eyes: Headshot Tip.

Confidence, or the lack there of, shows through the eyes. This is an extremely important headshot tip. Because the still camera captures images moment by moment, you need to make that moment count. And the difference can be made with the expression in your eyes. Fear and a lack of confidence are often associated with […]

The Corporate Headshot

The Corporate Headshot The Corporate Headshot is an interesting thing. That might sound of weird, as a corporate headshot sounds like it’d be a fairly mundane thing. But it’s not.  Jobs, the exchange of money, trust, can start with a headshot. I don’t want to use elevated rhetoric here. A don’t pretend to believe a […]

Subtext in a headshot?

You may be an actor, you may not be. If you are, you most likely know what subtext is. If you aren’t, and you don’t know, you’ll know what it is after reading this post. Subtext is simply the information found “between the lines”. Often what’s unspoken or directly communicated yet suggested when viewing the […]

The effect of a head tilt.

Something as simple as the direction one tilts their head can totally change the mood of a photograph. Tilt your head toward your lower shoulder and you may appear more “masculine”, tilt your head more toward camera and you may appear more “feminine”. In my experience there is no absolute way to tilt the head […]

Headshot Basics (for actors)

The following suggestions are intended for actors as they don’t necessarily apply for other client’s purposes. Remember… -No Crazy makeup (casting directors want to see you). -No crazy clothing (this distracts and casting directors no this is a  headshot no-no, so you risk coming across as amateurish). -No crazy poses. -No props. -Remember that we […]



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