A Typical Headshot Session

A Typical Headshot Session What to expect. I guess it goes with out saying that sessions very depending on the particular needs and wants of individual clients, but generally here’s what to expect during a typical headshot session. Keep in mind that if you’d like to simply defer to me, I’m more than happy to […]

Headshot Photography in Buckhead or Midtown

Headshot photography in Buckhead or Midtown If your looking for headshot photography in Buckhead or Midtown Atlanta, please consider CK Headshots Atlanta. As a boutique headshot and portrait photographer, I offer high quality, creative headshots and portraits at a competitive rate. I take pride in every shot, setting up my lighting and ambience to suit […]

It’s the small things

It’s the Small Things Often it’s the small things that make a headshot or portrait go from good to better. It’s the small things. By small things I mean tiny touches that, may seem like nuisance, are often what sets a detailed headshot or portrait apart from a less detailed shot. I’ll post an example […]

Headshot Tips

Headshot Tips I’m back again with a few headshot tips for clients. I may rehash a little of what’s been explored in the blog thus far. In fact most everything should be summed up here. If your looking for a basic tips overview, no need to go digging through the blog any further. Pre Shoot […]

How do I pose for a headshot? Do I smile?

Do you have concerns about how to pose for a headshot? Do you have concerns about how to pose for a headshot? People often do. At least in my experience they do. I think they come to me sometimes under the impression that they are responsible for their own pose and expressions, and I’m simply responsible for capturing it. […]

Retouching: Before and After

Retouching: Before and After The benefits of retouching. Retouching is an interesting thing. You often hear about the dark side of retouching—the adding abs and muscle and a whole world of phony perfection that makes the world seem like a place that it isn’t. But retouching has a good side too. The camera and lights—while bringing […]

Affordable headshots in Atlanta?

What are affordable headshots? And how do you get them. “Affordable headshots in Atlanta” is one of the top keyword search terms—or phrases—related to headshots in the Atlanta area. The question I’d like to explore is: What’s an affordable headshot, and are “affordable” headshots good headshots? Of course some of this is subjective, but not all of […]

Professional Headshots in Atlanta

Professional headshots in Atlanta For social media corporate and more. Ck headshots: Offering professional headshots in atlanta for social media, corporate and more. Hey. So, below I’m posting some samples of some of my latest professional headshots. If you’re interested please contact me. I also have tons of other information through out this blog detailing […]

Actor Headshots

Actor Headshots Providing acting headshot or actor’s headshots to my friends in the business is how Ck headshots Atlanta originally started. I was active in the theatre and film scene while working as a freelance photographer. I cast films and plays myself and worked regularly with friends and casting directors to do the same. Naturally […]

shooting outdoors in full sun: headshots

Shooting outdoors in full sun: headshots Actors, corporate folks, profile photo seekers, or whomever, here’s a good look to consider—-another thing to toss around as inspiration for your headshot session. Shooting outdoors under the sun can create a cool effect. Of course there are certain steps that have to be taken (flags, diffusion, whatever) to […]

The Mood of a Portrait or Headshot

The Mood of a Portrait or Headshot With respect to mood, I want to share a few examples from my last headshot session. Same subject, same day. But so much difference in mood. Notice how an array of different elements come together to establish a certain feel. The composition, the cropping, the hair, accessories, background, […]



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