shooting outdoors in full sun: headshots

Shooting outdoors in full sun: headshots Actors, corporate folks, profile photo seekers, or whomever, here’s a good look to consider—-another thing to toss around as inspiration for your headshot session. Shooting outdoors under the sun can create a cool effect. Of course there are certain steps that have to be taken (flags, diffusion, whatever) to […]

green screen headshot with location background—in studio

Green screen headshot with location background—in studio Perhaps you’re after a headshot with a particular background but it’s just not practically possible. (a quick note: done poorly, this technique can go silly really quickly. The process requires a little forethought to pull off realistically. Just keep this in mind before hiring that guy from craigslist). So, […]

Business Headshots: Tips

I’m just going to write this post out as a series of bullet points. Better to just get to the point and avoid the fluff. Some of the suggestions are pretty basic but you’d be surprised to hear how often they are overlooked. Below are some tips for getting the best out of your business […]



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